Elemental Healing Arts

Elemental Healing Arts is a passion project inspired by my training and work in expressive arts therapy with a goal to meet a need for giving community support to those of us that battle with mental health. For so many of us, we make it to adulthood and then it’s like, “how do I make friends as an adult?” or “I want to try the new thing, but I’m too anxious to go to it and don’t have any friends that will support me.” I have so many clients that I want to support in new & novel experiences, but there’s only so much of me to go around.

This is where the Elemental Healing Arts community came to fruition. Think a private, moderated social media community. The community moto is “Expression through connection.” It will be a place to celebrate wins, get support for the loses, find someone willing to hold space for you in a moment, and a community focused on being there for one another.

Private peer-support groups for areas such as anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. will serve as a place to connect with others with similar areas of difficulty. There will be therapist led support groups available, crash courses in coping strategies, and education on different disorders. Content is focused on bringing resources to those that do not have access, affordable options for support groups, and affordable classes to those that prefer self-guided paths to wellness over therapy. Courses are designed for individual wellness and support and are not designed as continuing educational programs for healthcare providers. Click below to join us in the online community. Membership is currently free, but will move to options for a paid membership or free membership with the purchase of a course or the Elemental Healing: Guided Therapy Journal.

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