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For secure communication, use our Client Portal

*Communication Note: I am a solo provider, meaning, it’s just me at the practice. The best way to reach me is via email or text as I am in sessions throughout the day and unavailable to answer phone calls. I am also neurodivergent which means scheduling and organizing is easier for me in written format. See notes on social media below.

Open vs Closed Social Media Platforms

Open social media platforms are those that are free for anyone to join, with limited moderation available across the platform. A closed social media platform is one that requires approval to join the community and is moderated by an individual or team. Please note open social media platform messaging will not be used for therapy purposes. Social media presence is offered to provide additional support and resources for the community. Messaging can be used to request more information or to request an appointment.

Click on the social media icons in the upper right or bottom left of the webpage to follow on social media. The “flame icon” links to the Elemental Healing Arts Community. I’m well established on Facebook, I dabble on Instagram & Linkedin, & am dipping my toe in TikTok. More content to follow across the board, but my primary focus will be on the closed, more secure, social media network provided through the Elemental Healing Arts Community.

Elemental Healing Arts Community is a closed social media platform hosted on Mighty Networks. There will be peer support, therapist led talks, groups, or pop-ins, and courses on learning different coping strategies for targeted areas.

Copyright protection is engaged on the page. If you are looking for resources or something that you think you should be able to access. Please contact us.
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