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Virtual Office

Our virtual office features a symptoms screening room, games, music, videos, and more. In the symptoms screening room, you will find links to credible self-assessments for various mental health disorders. The library of mental health resources includes links to read-aloud books for kids on Youtube, worksheets for kids, worksheets for adults, and app recommendations broken down into different categories, for example: depression, identity, self-esteem, & more. Games can be played in session or online individually when you need a distraction. The music room features various meditation tracks for assisting in shifting brain waves through frequencies. Meditation tracks are also available separately on their own resource page on the website. Movies provide educational clips on various mental health subjects and can be navigated through the “What’s playing?” menu based on topic area of interest. Art prompts are provided for visual journaling and self-reflection as well as free online digital art programs. The movement room gives options for exercise to help get you up & moving.

Local Resources

Local resources include crisis alternatives to 9-1-1, psychiatric medication providers, peer recovery services, holistic/ energy healing/ spiritual providers, LGBTQ-PIA+ community resources, and unique exercise programs to engage curiosity and make exercise fun.

National Resources

National resources include crisis hotlines, mental health organizations, financial resources for mental health services, advocacy and support groups, LGBTQ-PIA+ resources, and entheogen clinical trials. Crisis hotlines are available for different of types distress: suicide, LGBTQ-PIA+ youth & young adults, dating abuse & domestic violence, eating disorders, sexual assault, veterans, and psychedelic distress (a bad trip). Mental health organizations provide resources such as educational presentations, online support, and more information on living with mental illness.

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